Maybe you already go to a chiropractor. Maybe your friends do, and they’re trying to talk you into it. Why do people seek chiropractic care? The main reason is that people want natural pain relief and treatments geared towards enhancement of health. Most people are searching for alternative treatments to medications and surgery, as well as treatments that have a more holistic approach. More patients are focused on therapies directed at self-healing, and those that involve more of a mind-body strategy.

In the United States, more patients are seeking out alternative medicine approaches to health care. And chiropractic care is a foundation of that complementary care regimen. People have turned their focus to disease prevention instead of disease treatment.

A chiropractor alleviates nerve pressure by manipulating the vertebrae in your spine. These vertebrae can irritate  nerves when they become restricted or misaligned, and that pressure creates interference in the transmission of nerve signals. Chiropractors perform the precise manipulative movements using their hands (manual manipulation) or an instrument that we use called an Impulse, which does not involve cracking the neck. Proper nerve transmission can be restored, which naturally resolves pain. Manipulations are highly individualized for each patient.

Here are seven practical ways patients are using chiropractic care.

Neck and Back Pain

The most well-known treatment is chiropractic care for neck and lower back pain. Most patients have had outstanding results and would choose chiropractic care for this type of pain. Mainstream medicine even promotes chiropractic medicine;  the American Medical Association’s low back pain guidelines recommend that patients try chiropractic treatments before resorting to surgical intervention.

Sciatica and Neurological Conditions

Related to that is sciatica. Traditional medicine either tells the patient to live with it, or doctors prescribe narcotic medications or invasive procedures like steroid injections to alleviate the pain. Many patients turn to a chiropractor for help and find that even within the first few visits, their sciatica symptoms are much improved. Even better,  chiropractic care is not only effective for sciatica, it is usually much less expensive than traditional treatments.

Many patients are beginning to go to chiropractors to relieve brain-based conditions. Chiropractors perform cervical spinal adjustments in the neck region. Some of these studies have been done under MRI to see the effects in the nerves as the adjustments are being done. The images show a redistribution of cerebral spinal fluid and a marked increase in blood flow to the brain. Patients with multiple sclerosis (MS) and similar conditions have experienced tremendous relief with chiropractic care. Seizure patients use chiropractic care—even pediatric patients—with excellent results.


Many chiropractors combine spinal adjustments with muscle rehabilitation and retraining to keep scoliosis from worsening. Patients can often use this regimen without the need for scoliosis braces or surgeries.

Headaches and Shoulder Pain

You may not realize that after back pain, headaches like tension headaches and migraines are very frequently treated by chiropractors. In fact, there are nearly 250 published journal articles that reference chiropractic management of these headaches. For many, regular chiropractic adjustments significantly reduce their pain intensity, and they don’t have to use harsh medications. Muscle fiber nodules called trigger points are treated to alleviate debilitating tension and migraine headaches. The trigger points for these headaches are in the head, TMJ area, neck and upper back. When they become knotted, pain results and then radiates into the head to create headache pain.

Rotator cuff injuries and frozen shoulder can be painful and debilitating conditions, but many patients respond well to chiropractic treatment. We have had many patients completely resolve their shoulder pain with our natural treatment, and improve range of motion.

Pediatric Adjustments

Many people don’t realize that children, even infants, can safely have chiropractic adjustments. Many parents regularly take children to alleviate conditions like ear infections and even colic. Chiropractic is extremely useful in relieving a colicky baby’s misery. By performing gentle chiropractic adjustments,  pressure on the spinal nerves can be substantially alleviated.

Blood Pressure

There are some new and exciting ways in which chiropractic care is being used, and one of them is in control of high blood pressure. Research studies have shown that cervical adjustments can significantly lower blood pressure because they affect nerve activity that in turn affects the blood vessels.

Peak Performance

You may not need chiropractic care for an injury but might be interested in boosting your athletic performance. Many world class athletes like swimmer Michael Phelps use chiropractic care as an integral part of their overall training and health maintenance regimen. More than half of all NFL teams have a staff chiropractor to implement effective pain-reducing spinal adjustments. The treatments are genuinely performance boosting, can reduce inflammation and support the immune system.

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