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Natural Medicine Clinic

We help you solve your most pressing health challenges—gut and thyroid issues, pain,
and fatigue— so you can enjoy your life again.

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Holistic Approach – We evaluate from a structural, chiropractic perspective combined with Functional Medicine, which emphasizes assessing the whole person. This includes the analysis of physical, nutritional, environmental, emotional, and lifestyle values. By following this holistic approach, we can offer you a strategic and well-thought-out plan to help you feel better and get your life back.

Functional Medicine is also known as Functional Nutrition, Natural Health Care, Natural Medicine, Alternative Medicine, Complementary Medicine, Integrative Medicine, Natural Healing, and Holistic Medicine.

We Can Help You

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    Thyroid Issues
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    Gut Health
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    Pain & Inflammation
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    Fatigue & Brain Fog
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    Ferritin & Blood Pressure
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    Skin health
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Success Stories

5-Star Google Reviews

Deborah Ponte

I have dealt with digestive and allergy issues for over 20 years. I have been to multiple doctors fielding diagnoses ranging from lactose intolerance, IBS, chronic fatigue syndrom to psoriatic arthritis. I have been following Dr. Rofrano’s... read more

Janet Oquendo

My health had been declining over the last 5 years. I have consulted with no less than 6 naturopaths. Non of which was able to help me regain my health. After more recent lab tests my Feritin level had skyrocketed at… read more

Shannon Empfield

Great Dr. his book is amazing and the supplements they sell are of highest quality. I’ve been taking them for years now and my health has improved greatly. I highly recommend Natural Medicine Clinic.

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Correct Metabolic Syndrome and High Blood Pressure to Keep Your Immune System Healthy and Strong

What do nearly all the Coronavirus cases have in common? That’s what we’re going to find out today. You can use this information to keep yourself healthy and help prevent getting sick. Underlying Health Conditions and the Severity of Coronavirus I was looking at a recent research study in the Journal of the American Medical […]

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How to Treat High Ferritin when you have Normal Iron Levels

How to Treat High Ferritin when you have Normal Iron Levels

Can you have high ferritin without having high iron levels? Today you’ll learn about this common cause of high ferritin and how to fix it. I’m Dr. Tom Rofrano from The Natural Medicine Clinic in Palm Beach Gardens, Florida. A common thing I see in patients is abnormal ferritin levels.  What Causes High Ferritin Levels? […]

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Hashimoto's Thyroid Antibodies

Hashimoto’s Thyroid Antibodies and ANA Better with Natural Treatment

What if I told you it is possible to lower your thyroid antibodies and other autoimmune markers to normal? I’m going to tell you how I was able to help one of my patients do that in just seven weeks. My name is Dr. Tom Rofrano from The Natural Medicine Clinic in Palm Beach Gardens, […]

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    We can help you look and feel the best you have in years!

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