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What brought me here were basically my children and the chronic bronchitis and pneumonia that they were experiencing. My youngest son had terrible skin issues and behavioral issues. I was not a proponent of treating these issues with over-the-counter drugs and steroidal prescriptions and antibiotics. They were just making them more sick. A friend of mine told me about the Natural Medicine Clinic and Dr. Rofrano.

My oldest son was six years old when I first brought him to see Dr. Rofrano. He already had four or five bouts of bronchitis, pneumonia, Constant asthma issues, and allergy issues. He had already been on many rounds of antibiotics, over the counter allergy medication, Prescriptions, steroids and inhalers. They weren’t helping. They were just making him more sick and I was just concerned about the negative side effects that come from those medications, especially in children. That is what prompted me to seek a more natural way to heal him and not just treat the symptoms.
My youngest son, Joshua, was 2 when I brought him here, maybe 2 and a half, and he had a skin condition that the pediatrician called eczema. Come to find out that it actually wasn’t eczema, it was a skin condition as a result of a gluten intolerance. I never would have found that out if I had not come to the Natural Medicine Clinic.

We came in and we had some blood test run and come to find out, my children have a lot of food sensitivities that were breaking down their immune system and causing them to have chronic illnesses. Myself as well, I was suffering from chronic sinus infections my whole life, lethargy, couldn’t focus and couldn’t concentrate, and I found out that I had some issues going on as well. We changed the way we ate, we started on some great supplements and my kids are not sick any longer. They gets colds once in a while, but there has been no bronchitis, no pneumonia, their stomach issues are gone, my 4 year old’s behavioral issues have disappeared. For myself, I have a ton of energy now, I’ve even noticed a change in my skin, my hair, and subsequently, I have lost weight that I never thought I could lose as a result of eating better and eating healthy and eliminating things from my diet that were making me sick.

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