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What was your reason for coming to see Dr.  Rofrano and the Natural Medicine Clinic?

Ever since my late teens, I started to develop a lot of problems; chronic neck pains, which led to daily migraines, stomach problems, I always had bloating or stomach cramps,every time I ate I was nauseous.  I was always dizzy, like a fogginess.  There was definitely something going on.  Any problem you could think of, I had.  I started to get anxiety, panic attacks, I started to get heart palpitations.  I was always getting sick, or infections.  There was something wrong with my body and I knew that it was trying to tell me something, but going from doctor to doctor to doctor, no one was figuring it out.  They were just prescribing medication afar medication and nothing was working.  I decided to try a more natural route.

Have you noticed results since coming in to the Natural Medicine Clinic?

Pretty much since the second week of coming here, after they put me on a plan, I saw a dramatic change in my health.  He figured out that I was gluten intolerant and everything I was eating was pretty much destroying my body.  Along with that, he put me on vitamins to get me back to a healthy level.  I had a lot of neck pains and problems that we would do physical therapy on to work out the muscle pains.

Has your quality of life improved since coming to the Natural Medicine Clinic?

For sure.  I had horrible fatigue too where every second of the day I just wished I was laying in bed.  I never wanted to do anything with my friends.  Going out was stressful because I knew I wasn’t going to feel good.  Now, I can just go and live my life like a normal person, so there was a dramatic change in health for sure.

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