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Prior to coming to the clinic, our son had some serious behavioral issues at school.  We tried everything.  We went to counseling, we say psychiatrists, psychologists, and we took some tests.  We figured that he’s pretty smart, but there’s a lot of behavioral things going on that we can’t explain.  So, one of the doctors at the clinic suggested we come over here and take a look at their program and that maybe a dietary thing could be the groundwork of what is behind the whole issue of his behavior.

I thought, Ok, I’ll give it a try, because i don’t think there is anything organically wrong with our son.  We tried some dietary modifications and we got some lab testing done from the docs and it’s like a profound change in his behavior so far.  All of the school things that were going bad are not going bad anymore, so that’s a relief.  Everything is progressing as we go along.



I was doing a little bad in school and when my Mommy and Daddy found out my diet, I was on the wrong diet.  So, Mommy and Daddy started giving me some healthier foods.

And now how do you feel?

Good, and I’ve been doing good in school.

Tell me about how good you’ve been doing in school.  Tell me about your stickers and your stars.  

I’ve been getting all stars and happy faces and marbles.

What do the Marbles do?

They let me get one thing out of my trick box.  I have a whole bunch of marbles now.  I’ve been saving them.

Really?  How many do you think you have?

I think, 24.

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