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My name is Dennis, I’m 47.  I had some lower back issues and my wife and I were just looking for overall health.  I was on cholesterol medication for a couple years.  I didn’t feel right, with my diet and everything overall.  That’s why we came in the first time.

I came in for the cholesterol medication and I’m off of that now.  I’ve been off of that for the last couple of months and my cholesterol is now fine, which is exciting.  I’m taking a natural supplement to help with that.  My lower back has definitely improved.  I don’t have the chronic lower back pain every day that I used to have, which is a nice thing.  I just, overall, love the way that they do it.  It feels like a full-service clinic with nutrition and every aspect of your health.  It’s not just about coming in for an immediate chiropractic adjustment.  They care about every aspect of your health, which is a neat thing.

I definitely have noticed life-improvements overall.  I have actually even lost 6 pounds because I’m drinking a lot more water.  Dr. Tom talked to us about the importance of water and how everyone is dehydrated.  He does the research for you and with you and would show on the computer how past behaviors were contributing to my health.  I feel tremendously better.  I owe him a great gratitude of debt, let’s just put it that way!

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