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I’m Rebecca and this is my son, Gavin, who is 13 months old.  I had noticed that Gavin wasn’t crawling.  He was scooting on his belly kind of like the military crawl and his hand was in a fist most of the time, as were his toes.  I knew that something wasn’t quite right about the way that he was moving his body.

Since coming into the Natural Medicine Clinic, I’ve really noticed a difference.  Really, immediately.  It only took a week or two for him to start crawling normally, on his hands and knees.  Now, he is starting to reach with his right hand, which he wasn’t before.  He also has a lot more awareness of the side of the body that he wasn’t using, that he really couldn’t use.

When he would fall to his side where he wasn’t using his hand, from a sitting position, he wouldn’t really realize that he had that hand, so he would end up falling on his shoulder or on his head.  Now that he has awareness of it, he’s catching himself, so that’s wonderful.

This has all happened in a total of two months.

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