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What brought you into the Natural Medicine Clinic?

I had a bad neck, i guess you would say.  That’s what started me.  It started on December 31st, and i was so happy that someone was open that day to see me, so it was like old times coming back here.

What results did you see from the treatment?

Excellent.  About 6 treatments and I was better.  Then, I went swimming in the pool and as a result, my back started bothering me.  So, we worked on that, and in about 6 treatments, I was over that.

Did you come in for anything else?

Yes, skin and rash.  The doctor told me he thought he could help me.  He took some tests and found out that I had a test infection that was very serious and along with that, I had psoriasis, so we started working on that.

What changes have you noticed since we have been helping you with that?

Lots of changes.  I have improved my diet, I feel better.  I have a little more energy and I am enjoying life more.  My skin is about 95% better and I think it isn’t healed because I don’t follow the diet strictly enough.  I was taking Nexium and high blood pressure medication and I’m off of both of those now.  I feel pretty good.

Overall, how has your life improved since coming to the Natural Medicine Clinic?

I feel now like I have a reason to feel better and get better and maintain my diet more strictly.  Excellent.  Excellent progress.

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