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What brought you into the Natural Medicine Clinic?

My name is Julie and I was experiencing severe pain in both my foot and my hip.

How long have you been receiving treatment from the Natural Medicine Clinic?

Before coming in, I was just avoiding any sort of doctor whatsoever, and I’ve been coming for a little over a month and it has helped me tremendously.  I just really appreciate how honest and kind the staff was, even from the first visit.  Everyone let me know what to expect throughout my treatment, both financially and physically and they were very honest.  I found relief after several weeks of treatment.

How has your quality of life improved overall?

Coming to the Natural Medicine Clinic has improved my quality of life because not only have they helped heal the physical pain that I was experiencing from my foot and my hip, but I am also starting to get guidance for nutrition and wellness and a complete holistic approach to not only relieve pain, but to improve my whole life.

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