What brought you into the Natural Medicine Clinic?

Some pretty serious neck pain on one side of my neck that i developed shortly after going back to our home in Connecticut last May, May of 2012.  We’re snowbirds.  I was seeing Dr. Rofrano down here and I was doing well, but when we got back home, I developed this neck pain.  It continued all throughout my time up north, so that brought me back in when I got down in November.

How frequently have you been coming to the clinic?

I started out coming every week and then we’ve gone to two weeks.  When I was at home, I saw three or four different doctors for my pain, some chiropractors, with no relief whatsoever.  I even had an MRI to make sure there wasn’t something more serious going on and that was fine.  It didn’t show any severe damage or anything that I would need surgery for, which I really didn’t want.  That was the sequence of events that took place.  So, all of the treatment that I had up north from different chiropractors, including acupuncture, nothing relieved my neck pain.  I came down with the same neck pain that I started out with in May.

Have you noticed an improvement since coming in?

Yes, not right away, but over the past month, I am now free of pain in my neck and Dr. Rofrano assured me that it would be a gradual thing and that he had seen this before and had success in treating other patients.  He was confident that he would have success here too, and he was right.  I got a little discouraged because in the beginning, it seemed as though I would be a little better after the treatment, and then a few days later or a week later, it was back again.  That seemed to be the normal process.  I am thrilled.  I am able to turn my head without pain.  I have a good range of motion and I have no pain in my neck.  It’s gone.

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