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I’m Tracy and I’m 43 years old.  My husband and I were looking for a new chiropractor since we had just moved here; someone who had a more natural approach to wellness instead of the regular chiropractor that you’re used to.

Since coming in here, my neck pain is drastically reduced and not only did I have that great thing happen to me, but last year, I was also diagnosed with an autoimmune kidney disease, and so with my treatment with my regular doctor, I was also looking for a more natural way to help cure that.

Dr. Tom and the staff really spent the time and told me about how maybe I should be looking at the toxic things that are going into my body; what i’m putting in my body and what I’m putting ON my body and help me do research on what I’ve been exposed to.  Also, they told me about a great service that they have, a blood test that shows you what foods your body might not be able to heal itself because you’re eating, so I went through that treatment with him and did research on that.  I’m happy to tell you that my regular kidney doctor has told me that whatever I was doing has actually healed my body and that it wasn’t the medicine that he had me on.  It was whatever program I had been doing, which was working with Tom on the food and the research, getting more nutrients in my body and starting to take supplements.  On top of the great chiropractic work and therapeutic things that they were doing for my neck, I also became a much healthier person and have almost put my kidney disorder in remission.

My life has drastically improved and I am really blessed that the kidney because: one, I met them, and two, I learned how to eat better and be a healthier person by taking supplements and drinking more water, exercising a different way, so the Natural Medicine Clinic has really changed my husband’s and my life forever.  It was really great.

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