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Correct Metabolic Syndrome and High Blood Pressure to Keep Your Immune System Healthy and Strong

underlying health conditions

What do nearly all the Coronavirus cases have in common? That’s what we’re going to find out today. You can use this information to keep yourself healthy and help prevent getting sick.

Underlying Health Conditions and the Severity of Coronavirus

I was looking at a recent research study in the Journal of the American Medical Association that reported over 94% of patients in New York that had died from Coronavirus had an underlying health condition. A study prior to that indicated 99% of fatalities in Italy from the Coronavirus had an underlying health condition.

The most common ones reported were high blood pressure, diabetes, heart disease, and obesity. Number one was high blood pressure. What they all have in common is that they are diseases of lifestyle. Most people can do something about these diseases and reverse them. The underlying root cause of all of these—heart disease, high blood pressure, and diabetes—is inflammation and insulin resistance. What’s great about this is there is something most people can do to turn this around. 

Reduce Inflammation with Diet

How do we turn this around? The most important thing is diet. But it comes down to diet, exercise, stress, and deciding what is important to you with regards to your health. For instance, if you or a family member has high blood pressure, that would be a good place to start as that is the most common underlying factor in the two studies that were mentioned. They were also reporting about why high blood pressure has serious consequences for Coronavirus patients. In any case, you can do the following to help turn it around. 

The FreeDiet® – an anti-inflammatory diet

I saw a 68-year-old female patient and besides having high blood pressure, she came in with pain, fatigue, brain fog, vertigo, insomnia, and some digestive issues. She was overweight as well. So, I’ll outline what we did so that it can also help you or a loved one that has high blood pressure or these other inflammation related conditions. 

She started the FreeDiet®, this anti-inflammatory diet, and in four weeks, her blood pressure dropped 66 points to a normal level. Also, she normalized her glucose or blood sugar, triglycerides, and inflammatory markers went down to normal. She also lost 12 pounds over the first four weeks. 

That’s a simple strategy you can use to help turn these things around with chronic inflammatory lifestyle conditions. High blood pressure, high blood sugar, pre-diabetes, diabetes, cardiovascular disease, elevated cholesterol, triglycerides, insulin resistance, and belly fat can all improve. All of those can be turned around with simple lifestyle strategies. 

Supplements Can Help

While diet is the most important, I also gave her specific supplements. I call it the Functional Five™: which includes ActivMulti™, OmegaSorb™3X fish oil, D3 5000 +K2, Magnesium Malate and a probiotic, ProbioSupreme™. I also use other specific supplements based on the patient’s needs. For instance, if you want extra immune support I’ll use C-Bioflavonoids 500, NAC and Zinc Glycinate. Curcumin Protect™, Resveratrol + Quercetin, and CoQ10 Plus GG™ are other powerful immune and cardiovascular support supplements. 

So, between diet, supplements, exercise, and stress relief, it’s a combination of things to help correct these underlying conditions. It’s a good time now to decide that you can use this to get serious about your health and make some decisions to turn this around. 

Get Your Free Copy of The FreeDiet® Phase One Food Chart 

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