Hi, my name is Dr. Tom Rofrano and this morning I’m going to show you my 3-minute super smoothie. This smoothie started because the thought of getting up and washing the fruit and getting some baby spinach and kale and cleaning and washing that was just a bit overwhelming. So I came up with this strategy to save time and get it done. Let me show you how easy my three-minute super smoothie recipe is.

Getting Started

The first thing you do is get your blender. I have got a Vitamix here. Pour in 12 ounces of filtered water. Then we have our frozen blueberries, wild blueberries or organic ones. You can also use cherries. We’re just going to do a half a cup of those. To that, I’m going to add some Organic Virgin Coconut Oil. I’m going to put a tablespoon of that. You can use two tablespoons, but for most people, one tablespoon is fine.

Add Protein

The blender is on low, and I’m going to turn it on for just five seconds. You don’t want to overdo this. I have some Organic Pea Protein here, which is an excellent source of protein with a very low allergy potential. So we’re going to use two scoops of that. Another excellent option is our vanilla Paleo Protein.  Whoops, I got protein all over myself, make sure you wear an apron, too.

Add FreeGreens

Then add FreeGreens. I use a product we have at the natural medicine clinic. So this has organic barley grass juice, wheat grass juice, spirulina, chlorella, many different organic fruits and vegetables and is naturally sweet, so it tastes great. Instead of doing all the fruits and vegetables and all that stuff just add a scoop of this. Actually what I do is a half a scoop, and then I do the other half a scoop in the afternoon with just plain water, it’s very refreshing. So I get my afternoon boost, but you can do one scoop if you want to do it all at once.

Include Fiber

And then we have some ground flaxseed which is an excellent source of fiber, essential fats and flax lignans, a tablespoon of that. And then lastly a tablespoon of Psyllium Husk Powder which is the source of fiber very cleansing and also very filling. So add a tablespoon of that (start with a teaspoon initially and gradually increase to a tablespoon over the next week or two). And we keep this on low and then again just turn it up just a few seconds.

That’s all it takes, and there you go. Nice, beautiful and it tastes great. It’s got no sugar, is an excellent source of protein and essential fats, fiber, fruits and vegetables in under three minutes. It’s a great way to start your morning.

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3 Responses to The FreeDiet™ 3-Minute Super Smoothie

  1. Amanda says:

    Can you use the FreeGreens in your shake during phase 1 even though it has vegetables in it you aren’t suppose to have? Thank you.

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