Today, I’m going to talk to you about healing Hashimoto’s. Hashimoto’s, for those of you who may not be familiar with it, is an autoimmune thyroid condition where your body produces antibodies against your own thyroid tissue. And the thyroid starts to get destroyed over time causing typically hypo, low thyroid function. It is the most common cause of hypothyroidism in the United States.

Many Are Unaware

Most people aren’t even aware that they have, I mean over 20 million Americans have hypothyroidism, most of which like I said it’s caused by Hashimoto’s. Many are even unaware that they have that. And most people that have it are women, although some men do have it. And I’m going to give you an example like typically I’ll tell the story of certain patients I’ve treated with it. But today I’m going to talk about my own experience because I had Hashimoto’s sort of ten years ago. I was able to clear it up so I’m going tell you about how I was able to do that.

The Symptoms

I mean, typically, the symptoms that you’ll with this are fatigue, brain fog, just difficulty getting up in the morning, aches and pains, numbness and tingling, carpal tunnel, anxiety, hair loss is a big one. These are just all very common symptoms, even headaches, plantar fasciitis which is heel pain. And infertility and miscarriages are very common for low thyroid function. Just some chronic infections, constipation so and many, many more symptoms beyond that. But as you can see, it can really make you feel terrible.

Why It Goes Undiagnosed

And the reason why it mainly goes undiagnosed is typically when you go to a doctor and get lab work, they will check just a few different things like a chem screen CBC, lipids, and TSH is the one thyroid thing you’ll typically do. And TSH often, it’s just not enough. I mean, that’s a pituitary hormone that indirectly measures your thyroid function, but misses most cases when patients come in, I’ll order typically six different thyroid values along with everything else and often a TSH will be normal but when I look at the free T3 and free T4, they’re typically under optimal ranges and the thyroid antibodies are often elevated, and that’s what indicates Hashimoto’s.

You May Never Find Out Unless…

So, if you’re just getting a TSH or maybe even a T4 and you’re just not checking the others and not checking your antibodies, certainly, you’ll just never find out, you can go on feeling tired, and have a hair loss, and brain fog, anxiety, depression, just feeling miserable. And what’s even worse than that is when you do find, say you go to your doctor and then they find it, they’ll prescribe say, synthetic thyroid medication which on my experience, many people don’t do well with. It just being a synthetic T4, it doesn’t address T3 which many people are low in. And if they do know that you have Hashimoto’s, if they dig into your antibodies tested usually for endocrinologist, they’ll say, and this is what happened to me, when I went in back in, I think it was 96, I’m sorry, 2006, 2006, 2005, and when I went in and when I found out that I had Hashimoto’s, you know, the endocrinologist told me, “Well, there’s no known cause and no known cure. Just continues as they get worse, your thyroid will continue to deteriorate over time and your antibodies, well, it’ll go up, it’ll go down, there’s no sense in even measuring them because it’s not going to get better and you will just continually need more and more Synthroid as you get older because the thyroid will continue as your brain deteriorate and you’ll get typically more nodules and bigger nodules and on and on.”

Investigation and Research

So I mean, that just, didn’t settle and I couldn’t accept that. So, I started really investigating and researching what causes Hashimoto’s, what causes autoimmune in general because at that time I also tested positive for rheumatoid arthritis antibodies. And usually when you have one autoimmune, you have another one, you know, one or two or more beyond that. So I’m like, there’s something going on, so what can it be? You know, every health condition has a cause, every problem has a solution, that’s my opinion, but I started researching this. And typically, what I found as it came down to the cause of most all health, this certainly autoimmune is three, you know, physical, chemical, and mental stress. So, to just look at, well, we’re just gonna break down the chemical stress component. So, breaking that down, you know, we look at deficiencies.

Consider the Nutritional Deficiencies

So, if you have nutrient deficiencies, that can cause your body a breakdown and your immune system because as you know in my case, I was low in vitamin D which is incredible because, you know, at that time, you know, for 10 years, I lived on the beach and was out on the beach, you know, multiple times a week and I was like extremely low in vitamin D. So, that was a shock, I mean, you’re low in D, that can affect your immune system and it’s been timing with autoimmune conditions. On magnesium, I was slowing and that, you know, it can affect and cause aches and pains and contribute to numbness and tingling and a lot of other symptoms. B12 was another one, I was deficient and that certainly can contribute to, you know, brain issues, neurological and blood issue.

The Physical Impact of Deficiencies

So in my case at that time, I was having a lot of, I was having carpal tunnel syndrome, peripheral neuropathy, it was, you know, got to be so bad that I wasn’t able to even work on patients for a number of years. I had to hire another chiropractor to come in and did the manual therapy while I did the evaluations and nutrition and functional medicine. So, you know, I figured this out. So, B12, magnesium, D, just to name a few and this is some, you know, from some reads healthy and was taking some supplements but certainly not enough, not the right ones.

Functional and Free

That’s why testing and, you know, in step one in our treatment program which I call Functional and Free which is a seven-step treatment program to, you know, get to the root cause of your condition and provide long-term permanent solutions with stepwise of, you know, getting an evaluation, to find out what’s going on so that’s what I was doing. And also, other forms of chemical stress besides deficiencies are toxins.

Think About Toxins

So in my case, I was high in arsenic and mercury which are nerve toxins. Again, the numbness, and tingling, carpal tunnel, ulnar neuropathy. So, arsenic, I mean, I was eating a healthy diet well, at the time I was eating a lot of rice. I’m gonna go to the Chinese restaurant, the next door at my office, and I would just load up on it, I would get mixed vegetables with rice. I would skip the chicken and I’m like, “Just give me extra rice.” I thought that was healthy. So, I was eating tons of rice multiple times a week and I was drinking, you know, this detox shake which was rice protein, you know, the healthy hypoallergenic proteins detox form was at the time were from rice protein.

Chemical Stress and Pathogens

I come to find out, it just loaded with arsenic, go figure. So anyway, I was poisoning my body so finding out all these things on pathogens. And the third form of chemical stress is pathogens, meaning infections like bacteria, viruses, parasites, and yeast. So, I had after doing a comprehensive still testing at yeast overgrowth. And I had a lot of antibiotic use when I was a kid, you know, my father is a medical doctor so oftentimes on antibiotics for all kinds of things. Parasite, I had a parasite also, you know, and people say a specialist in infectious disease focus so that doesn’t happen in the United States. Well, I had one, I mean, I think I picked it up in Rio de Janeiro, you know, when I was in chiropractic college of my early to mid-twenties, a friend of mine went down there for spring break to Rio, you know, we thought we were, I guess we thought we were gonna pick up women but instead I picked up a parasite apparently.

Living With It or Years and The Immune System

So, that wasn’t very expected, but anyway, I was living for all these years, chronic digestive issues, just feeling terrible. So, that was an issue in that, so when you have yeast and you have parasites, it ramps up your immune system and you’re constantly, your immune system is trying to fight this off. And meanwhile, it can start attacking your own cells, in my case, the thyroid, and joints.

Food Sensitivities

And another, the fourth cause a chemical stress is food sensitivities. So, getting food sensitivity testing is one option, that’s what I did. You know, in my case, I was sensitive to many different foods but gluten was a big one, dairy, yeast, legumes, among other things those were the big major ones. So, that’s, you know, can cause inflammation leaky guts and a lot of an autoimmune, you know, affecting your immune system because again, your body’s, your immune systems fighting off these foreign invaders, these food reactions. So once I got all information, on top of that, you know, going back to, so physical, chemical, mental stress.

Exploring Mental Stress

On mental stress, I had adrenal fatigue issues and after testing and evaluating that, still also address that at the same time, I was taking up digestive enzymes, natural remedies to clear up the parasites, the yeast, and replacing all these nutrients. And, you know, over time, I started to get better and my thyroid antibody, started to go down and down and down, and by let’s see, by spring of 2008, they were completely down to normal. So, it took, you know, about a year and a half in the investigating and finding all this out and it’s been, well, this month actually, ten years that my thyroid antibodies have been completely in normal range.

Using Research and Experience to Help Others

So and, you know, and since then I’ve used this information I learned on research and figured out to help many other patients, it isn’t one of the more common things patients come in with over the last many years is thyroid issues, Hashimoto’s. So and when I see that, I just go through the protocol or some stuff program. Do the evaluations, find out, you know, to get the underlying root cause. So, besides clearing up all these sources of chemical stress like the sensitivities, the toxins, clearing those out, addressing adrenal fatigue, and, you know, parasites, yeast overgrowth, you know.

Benefits of The FreeDiet

The type of diet, I ultimately figured out works best. So, I was including free for a while and I just found out that did not work so I started avoiding other foods, the most common food allergens like this list I came up with, it really works well for me and ultimately helped get me better was a diet free of not only gluten but gluten grains, sugar, yeast, soy, legumes, dairy, eggs, and those are the most common typical food allergens, I call it The FreeDiet. And that’s a diet that really helped me and within that diet is also a candida diet for yeast overgrowth which most everyone that has Hashimoto’s, an autoimmune condition, almost every single person I’ve seen is dealing with yeast overgrowth issues. Again, wrapping up that immune system and causing wreaking havoc on your whole system. So if you and if you want a copy of phase one in The FreeDiet, I’d be happy to share that with you.

Replacing the Deficiency

And the other thing is again, replacing the deficiency so typically recommend well, after testing, you know specifically what’s going on like when I was deficient in all those things, but the most common recommendations of the foundational nutritional recommendations like typically recommend for Hashimoto’s and hyperthyroid conditions are our natural notes and form as we call Active Multi, a fish oil supplement, magnesium probiotic, vitamin D with K2, this is the basic foundational, and there are specific ones beyond that based on testing, selenium oftentimes, iodine which is very controversial because so many people out there saying iodine is the devil if you have Hashimoto’s. However, when I tested myself, I was low in it and many other patients I tested are low, we give iodine and that really helps. If you’re low and you replenish that, it helps tremendously. If you don’t need iodine and you take it, it can make thyroid issues worse. So, that’s one thing really needs to be tested before you go around and take it.

Lifestyle Matters

So, The FreeDiet supplements and those are two of the biggest things that help and there’s a lot of different lifestyles and, you know, addressing stress and things like that, and if you’re suffering from aches and pains, and physical issues, of course, the manual therapy, the physical aspects of treatment and functional training exercises, those are all part of the whole treatment plan. But it’s important to just know that, you know, if you have an autoimmune condition, if you have Hashimoto’s, or any chronic health condition, you know, you absolutely can get better if you first discover the underlying root causes. And once that is figured out, coming up with a plan to help provide permanent, you know, long-term solutions, you find a cause then you can find solutions in getting better.

So, yes, you can get better. I was able to do it with Hashimoto’s and a lot of other issues that I had to deal with and fortunately I’ve been blessed to do some learning to be able to help some of the other patients do that with everything I’ve learned.

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    Hi, Are zucchini and leeks allowed on the free diet Phase 1? And after 4 weeks on Phase 1 do other foods get added back in?

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