Hi. My name is Dr. Tom Rofrano from the Natural Medicine Clinic in Palm Beach Gardens, Florida and today, I’m going to talk to you about why gluten-free diets don’t work.

Many Patients Experience the Symptoms

I’ve been practicing now for over 30 years. I’ve seen over a hundred thousand patient visits and most of our patients are coming in with these chronic complaints of digestive issues, IBS, IBD, headaches, migraines, aches, and pains, fatigue, anxiety, depression, skin issues, brain fog, just a host of chronic complaints. I mean, we’re talking even beyond that, but those are the- really, the foundation- basic ones and they’ve had them for years. They went to this doctor, that doctor. Tried gluten-free diets- nothing, not working. Might have felt better for a little while.

Testing and Going Gluten-Free

We do a lot of testing and almost everyone, the majority of our patients, are gluten sensitive. So why would I say gluten-free diets don’t work? Well, one reason is when you’re sensitive to gluten, when you have these chronic issues, you’re not only sensitive to gluten but I found it’s gluten, grains, yeast, sugar, soy- like a number of different foods that you’re sensitive to. So just eliminating gluten out of your diet, you might feel good for a little while but is not going to do the trick.

My Symptoms

Not over ten years ago now, when I had personally a lot of these same health issues. You know, IBS, aches and pains, fatigue, brain fog, skin issues, just overall feeling miserable. I had autoimmune or I mean, thyroid Hashimoto’s, rheumatoid antibodies were elevated so again, aches and pains all over. So I was just feeling really miserable and I found out I was gluten sensitive. So I went on and that runs in my family so I went on a gluten-free diet. So like for breakfast, I would have gluten free toast like millet with- there was millet in there and yeast and other ingredients. Lunch- I would go to the Chinese restaurant next to my office at the time for rice with vegetables. You know, double serving of white rice, plenty of vegetables. Dinner- I would have gluten-free pasta or more rice or millet. I mean, I was feeling miserable.

Feeling Worse

I might have felt a little bit maybe mentally because I was doing this but I just continued to feel worse and worse and worse. I mean, it was not good. So what I started doing- so I realize, all right, well what is going on here? So there were many other foods, it turns out, I was sensitive to as well. And when you are sensitive to gluten, really a true- the best diet I found is not only the eliminating gluten but I call it the free diet because it’s free of all the common allergens.

Process of Elimination

Those foods are the most commonly responsible for digestive and other chronic health issues. So for me, and also for, you know, hundreds or actually thousands of people. Afterward, I found that was gluten, grain, sugar, yeast, dairy, soy, legumes, corn. And when you start eliminating those, so when I started eliminating those and went to eliminating all the grains, sugar, yeast. So eating more of- it’s like for lunch and dinner, it’s the proteins, a lot of vegetables. You know, meat, chicken, fish, a lot of vegetables, essential fats and eliminating those common foods. Then I started to feel better. Digestive issues started clearing up. Brain fogs are lifting. Skin started clearing up and the antibodies went down to normal. And that’s when I really started healing.

A Different Way to Eat

Since then, I have had so many patients on this and I’ve found it to be really effective for people to follow The Free Diet. The other thing that’s interesting when people go on a gluten-free diet is they start buying all these gluten-free products. You know, some patients come in and they’re like IBS, you know, and all these other symptoms. I’m gluten-free, they say. What do you eat for breakfast? Well, gluten-free bagels or gluten-free toast. And then what about lunch? Well, again, they’ll have rice, gluten-free pasta. Dinner, same thing. They might have some protein with that but they’re eating starches, carbs, grains, snacks. What are you eating for snacks? Oh, gluten-free cookies, gluten-free cake, gluten-free brownies. Like seriously, it’s the grains, the sugar, the starches is what- is really driving all that inflammation.

Focus on Food

It’s not just the gluten itself. And a lot of people cross-react to see these foods. Like for instance, corn is a big one. So when you’re on a gluten-free diet, you’re eating corn like cornbread, I used to eat cornbread.  I felt miserable. So it’s really true- if you want to get your issues cleared up, what I found out is again, it’s not just gluten. It’s including grains, corn, sugar, yeast. So those are just revolving around gluten. Just those itself, I would avoid definitely. And the gluten-free products- another example. I had a patient who had chronic migraines her whole life. She was in her early fifties by this point. And a lot of other things also associated with gluten. She had depression and anxiety, the chronic pain, digestive issues, besides migraines- a debilitating migraine. So anyway, we got to a point between the free diet and supplements and treatment, she was completely better.

Back to Migraines?

Then one day she called for an appointment came in with a severe migraine- hadn’t had one in quite a long time. So I asked her, what do you eat? Do you have anything gluten? Well, no. No, I haven’t. Well, any new foods or snacks or anything? Well, I have been eating these gluten-free rice crisps. I’m like, oh really? Well, what was the name of the same? I looked them up online. Sure enough, it says gluten-free. You know, great- it’s great marketing saying no high fructose corn syrup, low cholesterol per serving, made with corn and a whole grain brown rice. Like alright, let me look at the ingredients. So brown rice flour, corn, let’s see, whey, salt, corn, sugar, cheese, monosodium glutamate- msg. There’s msg in these healthy gluten-free products and you’re wondering why you have a migraine?!

Gluten-Free Products – The Deception

Just because it says a gluten-free product does not mean it’s healthy or it’s not going to mess you up. Be aware of that. So there’s gluten-free products per se kind of a lot of these other things in them often do. So if you’re going to eat gluten-free, then just choose gluten-free food- foods that are naturally gluten-free like vegetables, meat, chicken, fish, you know, avocados, fruit- those are all naturally free of gluten. But to go buy these gluten-free box packaged products, you can often run in trouble like with the woman I just mentioned.

Another Reason They Don’t Work

And then lastly, another reason why gluten-free diets don’t work. Well, a huge part of the issue is when you have a chronic digestive or other health issues or pathogens, infections, so most are phases. These issues have yeast, parasites, or bacterial overgrowth. So we do a lot of- including the lab testing, we do a lot of stool test kits that we send patients home with and it checks for all these digestive markers and pathogens, infections. Almost everyone comes back with either the parasites, yeast overgrowth, bacterial overgrowth, or all three. So when you have these growing in your system, just avoiding gluten isn’t going to get you better.

Get the Facts

You really need to find out what’s in there and once that’s done, then we can provide solutions to clear it up. Is it yeast overgrowth and you know, it’s different things we can do to help clear that up or bacterial overgrowth or parasites. So it’s really- the bottom line, it comes down to honing in on what exactly is the root cause of your symptoms and then being provided with long-term permanent solutions so that you can get better. So thanks for joining me this week. If you know anyone that would benefit from this, feel free to share it. If you’d like to subscribe to my YouTube channel so you can get notification of new videos, go ahead and do that. And if you want a copy of The Free Diet, you can just click here.

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