Discover 5 Simple Solutions for Fatigue [Video]

I’m Dr. Tom Rofrano and today I’m going to talk to you about five simple solutions for more energy. One of the things that most patients come in with is just sheer exhaustion. They’re tired all the time. Even if they could get a good night sleep, they just don’t feel refreshed. And it’s just one of the main things that everyone I see is complaining about. There are some simple things that usually turn up to help turn this around so we can find solutions for fatigue.

Vitamin Deficiencies

The first thing on how to have more energy is to find out what’s going on when we do an initial evaluation and order some lab tests. Almost always nutritional deficiencies come up. And the most common ones I see are vitamin B12. If that’s low, it can cause fatigue, brain fog and lack of focus, being tired all the time and numbness and tingling. There is a whole lot of things that go along with that.

Vitamin D is another one that comes up as being low. Magnesium is a very common deficiency that we see over and over again. Iron is common, especially in women and children. When that is low, it can cause you to feel tired all the time and get restless legs at night. Most of the time when you go to the doctor, they just don’t check for these things. And even if they did, they’re not looking at the ranges properly. So for instance, if they get them to check your iron level, the range might be 10 to 300. As long as you’re on 11, they’ll say oh that’s fine, that’s not an issue.

But actually, if you’re below 50 was an optimal range, say 50 to 100, 60 to 100 in that area that if you’re a 30, 20, 10 or you know 11 which is in their normal ranges you can still feel miserable. Those are the things we look at. And if you’re below optimal in more than one of these, often, when I look at lab work for new patients that we run, they’re below optimal and Vt4 for different things. It has an additive effect so even if you’re just a little low in say V-12, maybe it won’t be a big deal. But if you’re below often V-12, iron, magnesium and vitamin D which is most often the case you can just feel horrible. Once we get this information and we then start supplementing, often people turn around very quickly, even if you got fatigued for many years.


Another area is thyroid. That’s huge as far as fatigue goes as well as brain fog and cold hands and feet and just overall feeling miserable aches and pains. The thyroid is one of the most common things I see when people come in they say, “Oh, I had my thyroid checked, and everything was okay.” Well, this is another thing, doctors, your medical doctor, your primary doctor typically will check your thyroid with maybe TSH and t4, and that’s it. And they’ll say, “Oh, you’re fine.”

When I run lab test, I’ll check not only TSH and Vt-4 but also Vt3 which is another thyroid hormone that’s so important. There are also two thyroid antibodies that we check and a reverse t3, so those six different things are so important. So TSH might be normal where your doctor says you’re fine, but then we’ll have thyroid antibodies which are elevated, meaning you have a thyroid autoimmune conditions or say your t3 is low but your TSH is fine and t4 might be fine.

All these different subtle things can make you feel awful, just exhausted. Again brain fog, lack of focus, insomnia, all these things come along with it. Depression is also a very significant symptom of a thyroid, look thyroid function. And adrenal glands are glands that handle stress.


Normally your cortisol goes up when you’re under stress, you know to handle the situation. But in this day and age cortisol is elevated and a lot of us just from the day-to-day stresses that go on. It is important to have your adrenals evaluated when you are fatigued. There are some simple tests we do in the office, and there’s also some blood tests and a home kit that we use as well. This is something that doctors don’t always check for, but there are three simple tests you can do.

One is your Vivino, another is DHEA, and then another is Cortisol. Often we’ll see cortisol being elevated and DHEA being low and that’s one category of adrenal fatigue. In the case like that, you can feel anxiety, lack of focus, brain fog, depression. And insomnia is a huge symptom of adrenal fatigue. Feeling exhausted and overwhelmed there’s another common symptom. So these are all from adrenal fatigue. Once we find out the exact pattern, it’s a very simple fix. You use some supplements for that and a diet as well and whole lifestyle changes. And we would be happy to sign you up for a free PDF report of summarizing what I’m talking about.

Myofascial Pain and Fatigue

And the fourth thing is myofascial pain as it relates to fatigue. Often we get these aches and pain, these knots, that we call trigger points. Those are tight bands within muscles in our body. They can cause all sorts of problems. For example, if you have trigger points, which are very common in your shoulders, neck, jaw, in your jaw area, that can cause headaches, neck pain, jaw, and TMJ pain and it can keep you actually from getting a good night’s sleep.

I had a case not too long ago, a patient who had just some frequent headaches. We put her on a nutritional program, and she was doing better all these different areas, she had more energy, and her digestive and skin issues were clearing up. But she still was having a hard time falling asleep and staying asleep. She was just exhausted from lack of sleep. We started doing some treatment. She had a lot of myofascial pain trigger points and, we started working with that. Within a few treatments, a lot of this started to release and she was able to sleep through the night for the first time in years. And once you’re able to get a good night sleep, that ties in with rejuvenating and strengthening your adrenal glands and just really being able to function at a much higher level throughout the day.

What’s important is just making sure that you address any issues of facial mouth pain and we do that. We do evaluations to figure out exactly what’s going on in that area and then recommend specific treatments or exercises to help clear that up. Even if it’s been going on for years, often it can be cleared up in just a matter of a few short weeks.

Food Sensitivities and Allergies

And lastly here and this is a big one, is our food sensitivities and allergies. So how can those make you feel exhausted? Well, there are some common foods that people have sensitivities to, and there are two things. One, there are allergies where if you eat food, you get an immediate reaction, those are quite obvious. But what’s not so obvious are the food sensitivities, and that’s where food, by eating it you have a delayed reaction.

It might be an hour, an hour or two or a few hours; it might not even be until the next day. We just kind of feel off. It could just zap your energy. It can also cause skin reactions, digestive issues, sinus issues, such as a runny nose or sinus congestion. Those are all be related to food sensitivities. And the way we figure that out is one of the two ways. One is we do feed sensitivity or allergy testing through blood, where we can test a 100 or 200 different foods to figure that out.

Another way is come up with a diet; I call it the free diet because it’s free of all the common allergens. After doing lab testing hundreds or thousands of people over the last thirty years, some common patterns come up with foods that people are sensitive to. The free diet is a diet that’s for you. Common allergens are grains and yeast, and sugar, dairy, eggs, legumes, and GMOs are other things that can be very problematic. You can follow the free diet for Phase One. Then in Phase Two start adding foods back and one at a time to see if you have any reactions. That’s another way, besides testing, that we find out what were people reacting to.

I’ll finish up with a story just from a few days ago. A patient came in who had migraines for many years and not only migraines, but she also had chronic digestive problems, back pain, neck pain, whole body pain, fatigue, insomnia, anxiety, depression and more. By the way, now she’s doing great. She first came late last year. Now we are treating her for just a period, she got better, migraines cleared up, all her pain cleared up, her digestive issues, and this is through our seven-step functional and free program that we put patients through which involves diet and supplement and treatment and exercise.

Now she just comes in every once in awhile, if something’s going on.I hadn’t seen her in a little while, and she came, again she was doing great, no pain, no symptoms, and was off all her medications. Then Monday she came with just a severe migraine, she didn’t sleep all weekend, she was just completely exhausted, in pain and just miserable. She had to call in sick from work on Saturday and Sunday. So she was out on Friday, and it was getting late. So doesn’t feel like going home and cooking something, so she stopped at Bud’s chicken, of all places, because she’s been eating so clean on the free diet for probably almost a year now and doing well. She has the fried chicken and french fries and soda.

All that night she wakes up 2:00-3:00 in the morning with this raging migraines. It lasted all through the weekend. She was in bed all day Saturday, all day Sunday, she finally was able to make it in here Monday, and I was able to treat her and give her some advice on how to get this cleared up. She called us the next day said, she’s all better, back at work and doing great. So going back to the food sensitivity issue, in her case she had a real sensitivity to one of these foods. Something like that could cause fatigue and all these other issues.

Like a lot of people, during her whole life, she was eating food junk food, and that’s why she was miserable throughout her whole life. By eliminating those foods, I can make a huge difference in your energy levels and overall health and help you find solutions for fatigue.

So I hope you enjoyed this and if you have any questions, feel free to leave comments. If you want me to cover something, feel free to leave a comment.

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    Rebecca Dyckman
    Rebecca Dyckman
    00:52 15 Sep 21
    I began treatment under Dr. Tom and Dawn in early August. I had a shopping list of complaints. Many of them I'd been dealing with for 25 to 30 years. Traditional doctors told me again and again that I was perfectly... healthy, implying that much of this was in my head. Dr. Tom ran numerous tests based on his hunches, and I'm glad that he did. Tests revealed many things never uncovered by any of my previous doctors. I began feeling relief from some symptoms within a few days and gradually began feeling relief from most others. I'm about 5 weeks into the program and feeling so much better. I had concerns about sticking it out because it is definitely a vastly different way of doing things and it is quite an investment. But there is a light at the end of the tunnel. This is the first time in my many years of trying to get better that I can actually see that light. I am excited to update in another few months because I feel certain that I'll be able to report that I am fully healed. Thank you Dr. Tom and Dawn (and Angelika). You all are an amazing team and I feel blessed that you all are working so hard to get me well. Thank you!!read more
    Andrea Fiebe
    Andrea Fiebe
    12:46 23 Aug 21
    I am beyond grateful for Dr. Tom and his staff!! Kayla, Dawn and Alexandra have gone out of their way to help me and I know my situation hasn't been easy. I came to Dr. Tom with a long list of issues and hopeless. I am... proud to say that a year later and I am thriving. I went from not working out at all to working out 4 days a week, plus yoga. I traveled around the country to many holistic doctors and he has been the only way to help me see major progress. My only regret is that I didn't meet him sooner. I feel taken care of and so grateful for my experience with more
    Amanda Bailey
    Amanda Bailey
    18:27 09 Aug 21
    Dr. Tom Rofrano's Natural Medicine Clinic has changed my life. I came to him with an enlarged thyroid nodule, pain in my joints and tendons, increasing weight, imbalanced hormones, a leaky gut and so many other issues... that I didn't even know were causing my symptoms. After extensive testing, he put me on a tailored protocol as well as the Free Diet (trademarked) to help clear up my symptoms. I have been on this protocol for 5 months and I have never felt better. I have more energy, reduced stress, overall happiness, no pain in my joints, clear skin, better menstrual cycles, no pms symptoms of irritability or mood swings. I lost 20 lbs and my gut is healing. All with supplements, dietary changes, and environmental changes to my daily life. I emphatically endorse this method and hope everyone seeks him out. He got to the root cause of my symptoms and I am on a path to heal myself holistically without traditional medicine. In addition to Dr. Rofrano, everyone in his clinic is extremely helpful and generous with their time. I have never met a more caring team of support from a clinic. Thank you to Kayla and Angelika and all the NMC support team for what they have done for me. In addition, I don't even live nearby and Dr. Rofrano and his team have worked to ship all my tests and supplies to me, Zoom my follow up visits, and help me find what I need in my area. So grateful to them all.-Amanda Baileyread more
    Christine VanBasten
    Christine VanBasten
    15:54 30 Jul 21
    I was diagnosed with ulcerative colitis in 2001 and have had severe abdominal swelling since 2008. People continuously asked me when my baby was due and I was never pregnant. I didn't want to be in public or go to work... because I didn't feel well and I was extremely self conscious of my body shape. Since starting the FreeDiet in March 2021, I have lost 12 pounds. I am no longer bloated and all my coltis symptoms have disappeared. After completing extensive bloodwork and testing Dr. Rofrano discovered that I am allergic to Gluten and Candida. I knew I was allergic to Gluten and knew that I struggled with Candida but never realized I could be allergic to Candida as well. After eliminating anything fermented from my diet, I feel pain free in my stomach. Food is enjoyable once again. I am very happy with my improved health and energy thanks to this diet, supplements and to Dr. Rofrano. My colleagues are commenting and how healthy and young I look. I highly recommend Dr. Rofrano and all his more
    Troy Stark
    Troy Stark
    14:36 15 Jun 21
    Testosterone gain of 50% in 30 days with NO drugs. DR. Tom’s nutrition and supplement guidance is foolproof, however, it’s up to you to do the work. My bloodwork improved amazingly across the full spectrum. If you want... to be healthy and actually see the lab results go to NMC!read more
    Betty Diller
    Betty Diller
    20:06 19 Apr 21
    I was in a very sickly state with very high blood pressure, Epstein Barr Virus, severe digestive issues, IBS, and constant UTI ‘s that were always back to back. My cholesterol was 244 and my inflammation was off the... charts / extremely high!!!! I decided to read “free diet” book written by Dr Rofrano. It made total sense, so I decided to proceed with the blood tests. This is when I discovered all my lab work was in a very poor state. He uncovered a lot of information and made me aware of why my health was poor and why I was feeling badly!!! I started to follow the diet and take the suggested supplements. Within 5 to 6 weeks everything turned around for me. My labs were nearly perfect in all the previously scary areas where the numbers were completely out of range. I am feeling much better and I am raving about the free diet / supplements that Dr Rofrano can offer you for your specific issues. he is gifted to know exactly how to help each person deal with their health issues. I am grateful to God I found him and had the initiative to move forward!!!! PTL !!!!read more
    Janet Oquendo
    Janet Oquendo
    13:41 27 Jan 21
    My health had been declining over the last 5 years. I have consulted with no less than 6 naturopaths. Non of which was able to help me regain my health. After more recent lab tests my Feritin level had skyrocketed at... which point now I was worried. Every one I spoke to said the only option was to do leeching (where they draw out your blood periodically). That did not sound like an option. Then I found Dr Rofrano. To be honest I was extremely skeptical as I have spend lots of money and time with other naturopaths only to end up right back at the beginning. However I had nothing to loose (other than $$$) I decided to give him one try before I competely gave up. I can say I am 100% happy!!!... After an in-depth consultation, and extensive testing. Many deficiencies were uncovered not to mention, sensitivities, thyroid, hormones, high cholesterol the list goes on and on. We began a supplement regiment to get things back on track. Its now 6 weeks later. My labs have significantly improved, my cholesterol is now in normal range, my feritin level has significantly dropped and I am feeling a lot better. Its still early and my body has more healing to do. I am ecstatic to say we are on the right track. My labs have never looked better. If you are just not feeling well and really need to find a solution would highly recommend you contact the Natural Medicine Clinic and speak to Dr Tom Rofrano.. you will NOT be more
    Shannon Empfield
    Shannon Empfield
    00:29 03 Jan 21
    Great Dr. his book is amazing and the supplements they sell are of highest quality. I’ve been taking them for years now and my health has improved greatly. I highly recommend Natural Medicine Clinic.
    D M
    D M
    14:02 23 Dec 20
    Stay away. Extremely expensive for results. All they want to do is throw pills at you for thousands of dollars.. Not worth the money.Find someone who takes an interest in your health not your wallet.
    Eric Myskowski
    Eric Myskowski
    18:02 18 Jun 20
    If you’re looking to take back your health and move foreword into longevity, I highly suggest Dr. Rofrano and his excellent team. They provide you with step by step guidance on how to make all your health dreams a... reality. Be ready to commit to his individualized program for the best results possible. I would recommend Dr. Rofrano and his practice to anyone and everyone looking to finally understand your health and what it takes to get back to living the life you want to live. This is what real health is all more
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