Today I’m going to talk to you about a simple blood test that can literally save your life. You see, I’ve been practicing for over thirty years now and recently I had a patient come in that’s just an incredible story of how sick someone can be and how quickly it can be turned around once you find out the underlying root causes.

The Meaning of Ferritin

This blood test is called ferritin, which measures the amount of iron that’s stored in your body. So if you are low in iron and I have a video on this as you know you can get a whole lot of symptoms like you know fatigue and brain fog, anxiety, depression just a whole headache, just a whole host of feeling miserable symptoms at times doctors see it system really feeling terrible and also by the same token high iron levels can cause very similar symptoms and actually be very toxic to your system.

And I had a patient about over ten years ago now whose husband actually was diagnosed with hemochromatosis, which is iron overload, and he actually ended up dying from this and he was only in his thirties. So this is a really serious thing, over a million people in the United States have iron overload hemochromatosis they call it and it’s very simple to pick up on and very simple to treat if you do the right tests.

What Conditions Iron Overload Can Cause

So just to give you some of the examples like some the conditions that iron overload can cause, first of all when it fills up in your system it damages your organs and joints and basically can cause diabetes, arthritis, heart palpitations, an irregular heartbeat that’s a very common symptom. I had a patient about six or seven years ago, a young man in his twenties, his heart rate, first of all, he was thin but had high blood pressure, his heart rate would be twenty-one, thirty-one, fifty palpitations, flutters I mean it was crazy. Cardiologists, all kinds of doctors, heart monitors they could never figure out was wrong but after testing, some thorough evaluations and testing which I always check ferritin levels and other iron tests and it was high. It was over five hundred and you want to get your ferritin level around sixty to ninety meters over five hundred.

So once we really get that down these symptoms cleared up. So heart symptoms are a very common thing on gallbladder disease, depression, infertility can be caused by iron, low testosterone levels can be caused by high iron, cancer can be caused by iron overload and the main symptoms again of too much iron lack of energy, abdominal pain, brain fog, heart flutters, fast heart rate, loss of sex drive. Just overall feeling miserable joint pain, it can lead to liver damage cirrhosis, hepatitis, liver cancer, enlarged spleen, hypothyroidism, hormone imbalances I mean basically neurodegenerative diseases, early dementia, Parkinson’s, you know Alzheimer’s, all of these things, ringing in the ears, vertigo all these can be caused by iron overload and it is so simple to find.

Patient Experience

So this patient that I want to tell you about who recently came, she’s a sixty-four-year-old female and she had been feeling miserable for over twenty years, had been to a number of different doctors over the last couple of years, had gallbladder surgery, she had pancreatitis, she had pericarditis that’s inflammation of the heart, she was in the hospital multiple times, literally almost died. Ringing in the ears, vertigo, fatigue brain fog, just feeling terrible and forty or fifty other symptoms on top of that, just feeling completely miserable.

So when a patient comes in we have a free program that we’ve put patients there which determines the root cause it’s your underlying mission and then provide a very long=term permanent solutions. So in step one our initial evaluation ordering her that includes ferritin and iron profile. Her levels were over one thousand, so sixty to ninety is optimal, her levels were over a thousand which is you know tend to fail I mean it’s really serious and she had elevated liver enzyme showing liver damaged, elevated uric acid which can damage the joints, her inflammatory markers were like eight times normal, a number of other things you know vertigo that couldn’t see, a number of other things but main and again its iron, its ferritin over a thousand points.

Treatment Options

So the treatment for this, the medical treatment is to do therapeutic donating of blood. The challenge with that is you can only bait drops, every pint you donate you can drop about thirty points of ferritin and at a certain point you know you become anemic, like for instance she was able to donate blood three times before she then became severely anemic and couldn’t donate any more. So again you can only do that so often, so three times in that first month and then she became anemic so she couldn’t donate anywhere. So that’s three times would have brought it down only ninety points and she was like a thousand ninety four so basically that would have brought it down to a thousand and four which we had to get it down a hundred you know right around there.

So I basically I put her through again our seven-step functional free program and part of that included the free diet, which is a proprietary diet which is free of those elements responsible for information, digestive, and other chronic health issues. So put her on that, some specific targeted natural medicine formulas, supplements for the purpose of balancing your system, chelating you know chelating outs, excess metals like iron. Improvised sauna we have in the clinic here. She was doing that regular basis and infrared sauna is phenomenal for eliminating toxins, heavy metals including iron. So between all of this, the free diet but the most important was the sauna, balancing out her gut, we did other digestive gut test and she had some issues there and so put her on the proper supplementation to heal her gut, cleanse basically the whole program was very detoxifying in cleansing.

In Just Four Weeks

So in four weeks we checked her blood again, and she went from a thousand and ninety four her ferritin dropped a thousand points, it dropped over a thousand points in four weeks down to ninety-two. Which is absolutely amazing and her liver enzymes which were very elevated dropped over sixty percent to almost normal, this is four weeks her inflammatory marker has dropped by almost sixty percent as well to close to normal levels. Uric acid came down to normal and so all these levels dramatically in four weeks improved and her ferritin is really completely fine now and it just basically goes to show you that the body has such an incredible ability to heal itself.

If you find out the underlying root causes and provide the right course of action, the right materials, the proper diet, supplementation, lifestyle changes you can get better. I mean the body is just so incredible that you can heal almost any chronic health condition you can absolutely get better. So remember next time you get lab testing ask your doctor to order ferritin levels and iron profile to make sure that you are okay.

If you need help in that area and want us to do it, you know feel free to reach out. If you like the video and know someone that might benefit from this you know feel free to share it, subscribe to our channel and again thank you so much for joining me today and we look forward to seeing you next time, take care.

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  1. Valeria says:

    Good morning,
    I have a high ferritin count for the last several years. I have constantly asked my doctors why is it high. One doctor told me that I had low iron and to take iron . Well, that didn’t sit well with me and I didn’t take more iron. My last count was 477 and it has been as high as over 600. I am impressed with this story that I just read. I am 65 years old and retired. I don’t know how expensive this 4 week program is. Do you take insurance? My lastest doctor told me I had Hemochromatosis and did a DNA test. But from my research Hemochromatosis is a white disease, but there are 4 different types of that condition. I thought that I would have the African type. I am interested in your services.

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