flu-mapHere are some simple tips on how you can strengthen and support your immune system for preventing colds and flu this season.

First, you can start by taking probiotics, which are “friendly” bacteria that have many health benefits including improved digestion and strengthening your immune system.

At the Natural Medicine Clinic, we use the very potent ProbioSupreme DF from  Natural Medicine Formulas.

Second, make sure you’re getting enough vitamin D.  Besides numerous other health benefits, studies show that vitamin D can enhance the immune system and significantly reduce incidence of upper respiratory infections, colds and flu.

The best form is a daily Vitamin D3 (the natural form) as the higher weekly or monthly doses haven’t been shown to be nearly as effective.

At our clinic,  we determine proper dosage by an easy blood test for vitamin D levels. In general though, we usually end up recommending 1000iu/day for infants, 2000iu/day for children, and 5000iu/day for teenagers and adults.

Third, a  good quality multivitamin can help ensure your getting the proper nutrients, like Zinc, Vitamin A and others for immune system support. Look for brands without the artificial sweeteners, dyes and flavorings, and hydrogenated oils. Take a look at  our high quality ActivMulti here.

If you or your family do get sick, two great natural remedies that we use at the Natural Medicine Clinic  are Immune Support  and Smart Silver.   I have seen great results in speeding up the recovery from colds, flu and upper respiratory infections with these.

Last but not least, go outside.  Getting regular fresh air, sunshine and exercise is essential to helping build a strong immune system, and great for stress relief also.

If you’re looking for more immune-boosting, flu-busting tips this year, email us at info@nmcwellness.com  or call us  at 561-627-5800.  We’ll help you get on the right path.

Dr. Tom Rofrano

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