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B12 for More Energy & Better Brain Function

Fatigue, lack of focus and concentration, memory loss, depression, anxiety, behavioral disorders and ADHD are all very common symptoms that I see in patients.

After helping many improve their health, energy and brain function over the years, I have found some common points that seem to be most helpful.

For one, vitamin deficiencies seem to be rampant in both adults and children.  Patients come in without having any prior labs, or the tests from their doctor or pediatrician are very basic and incomplete.

So when ordering lab work, I find it extremely important to check, among other things, Vitamin B12, Folic Acid, Ferritin (stored Iron), RBC Magnesium and Vitamin D levels.

Symptoms of Vitamin B12 deficiency include:

  • fatigue 
  • brain fog 
  • lack of focus and concentration 
  • memory problems 
  • mood swings 
  • lack of motivation & apathy 
  • insomnia
  • muscle weakness
  • numbness and tingling
  • depression &  anxiety
  • dementia
  • hyperactivity
  • psychosis
  • behavioral disorders 
  • tremors… the list goes on and on.

It’s very rare that someone will bring in a blood test from their doctor that ever tests Vitamin B12.  If they do run a test, the lab normal range is typically 200 to 1100. So if you are at 201 that’s considered “normal.”

But you can have severe symptoms and an actual deficiency at levels under 500. Labs in Japan actually have this as their lower level.

Not too long ago, a 20-year-old college student came in with lack of concentration, fatigue, tremors and shakiness in her hands. I ordered lab testing and her vitamin B12  level was 237.  She was soon better after following my recommendations which included a sublingual B12 supplement.

There is a big difference between “normal” and optimal levels of vitamin B12, which depend on many factors. But I would certainly recommend staying over 600 pg/ml.

Once we identify low levels, we use a sublingual product called B12 Supreme that I found to be extremely effective. Be aware that there is a vast difference in quality and absorption between brands and types of B12.  Some are much better than others.

There is rarely a need for B12 shots, as I have found and studies also show that sublingual B12 is just as effective, if not more than B12 shots. Click here for a highly absorbable, bioavailable B12 that I have had great result with.

I would not suggest just going out and loading up on B12 unless you actually need it, as it may cover up some other issue that you are unaware of.

Look for upcoming emails for more information on how to improve your energy, brain function and overall health.

If you have any questions or would like you or a family member’s B12 level checked,  email us at  or call us  at 561-627-5800. We would be happy to help.

Yours for Optimal Health,

Dr. Tom Rofrano

Natural Solutions for Anxiety

Treat Anxiety NaturallyLife seems like it is getting more and more overwhelming these days.  We often hear  how stressed out people are on a daily basis, frequently using terms like “anxious,” “irritable” and “depressed.”

Because these  conditions are more prevalent nowadays, we see a lot more use of  meds like Xanax and Klonopin, while  antidepressants, such as Paxil and Zoloft have become the most prescribed class of drugs for 18-44 year-olds.

Yes, because of all the stress and overwhelm, the drug companies saw a need to serve us some more pills for the proverbial “quick fix”.

If you’re reading about this because you don’t want to have to depend on popping a pill to feel better when those stressful days get you down,  you’re in luck.

Natural treatments for anxiety and depression can take on a few different forms, as our mood is comprised of a number of different contributing factors, starting with what we eat.

Just like we need food for energy, we also need it for a calm, stable, and clear state of mind.

If we don’t give our body what it needs, we can become deprived of the nutrients required to help us stay alert, rational, and healthy (both mentally and physically).

For instance, we often see patients that,  after testing, we discover are deficient in iron or vitamin B12, which  can have many negative mental and physical symptoms.

Magnesium is another crucial nutrient that many of us are deprived of.  Mg can help us stay calm and clear-headed, relieve tension,  even helping us sleep better.

Food sensitivities and /or allergies  are also  a known contributor to anxiety and depression.

Even though other parts of your body may not be giving you symptoms of a sensitivity or intolerance to food, these “toxins” can get into your blood stream and interfere with brain function.

This can  cause brain fog, fatigue, and higher levels of stress.

Having an intolerance to gluten in particular can have enormous adverse affects on your body and mind,  including depression, anxiety, irritability, attention deficit, headaches, and exhaustion.

We have tested many patients, both young and old,  for gluten intolerance and they have made dramatic improvements in their health with the proper diet.

Sleep also plays a a big part in our mental state.  Without enough rest, we’re susceptible to distraction, exhaustion, depression and anxiety.

Getting enough sleep makes it  easier to focus on the  positives and the tasks at hand, rather than the negative things going on around us.

Getting out for some fresh air and exercise can be vital for our emotional health.  Exercise is know as the “great anti depressant.”

Think you don’t have time, just get outside and take a walk for starters. Come on, we live in beautiful, sunny Florida!

From the structural side, people with higher levels of anxiety, stress and depression typically have more muscle tension, especially in their head and neck, shoulders and back.

Getting a proper chiropractic adjustment along with  muscle treatment can relieve the tension and stress, improve sleep, and help to balance the body.

So, before resorting to a pill  to temporarily fix the overwhelming day, think about approaching it with the simple things our bodies need:  proper nutrition, rest, exercise, and structural health.


Yours for optimal health,

Dr. Tom Rofrano

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