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Better Brain Function & Hormones

How do Hormones affect Energy, Brain Function and overall health?

All hormones including estrogen, progesterone and DHEA can affect brain function and overall health.  But here we are going to focus on testosterone in honor of the all the men out there. Actually, low testosterone can occur in women as well.

Symptoms of low testosterone include:

  • fatigue
  • depression
  • anxiety
  • irritability
  • moodiness
  • lack of focus and concentration
  • memory loss
  • low sex drive
  • sexual dysfunction
  • infertility
  • increased body fat (especially belly fat)
  • reduced muscle mass and strength
  • increased risk of cardiovascular disease
  • decreased bone density

Another low testosterone condition is gynecomastia, which is development of breast tissue in males, especially in older men and teens.

Speaking of teen boys with low testosterone, they can also develop depression and other emotional problems, low energy and failure to develop muscle mass as a result.

A young man in his early 20’s came in to the Natural Medicine Clinic complaining of   gyneocomastia, low energy, weakness and depression for many years.  As a teen, he was diagnosed with Bipolar Disorder and ADD, and on put on many different medications.

I ordered lab tests which revealed a very low testosterone level of 220.  This was just under the lab normal range of 280-1100, but  way below the optimal testosterone level of above 550 ng/dl for adult men!

What if this was discovered years ago as a teenager?  Could he have avoided years of misery?

So what are the causes of low testosterone and why is it so prevalent?

  • too much sugar in the diet
  • excessive alcohol consumption
  • nutritional deficiencies
  • excess stress, which raises cortisol
  • endocrine disruptors found in plastics, pesticides and other chemicals
  • medications like statin drugs and beta-blockers

Also, having low cholesterol below 150 can result in low testosterone, as cholesterol is a precursor to testosterone and other hormones!

A while ago, I saw a 70-year-old male patient who was suffering from severe depression, exhaustion, low self-esteem, fear, worry, anxiety, insomnia and weight loss.  His doctors ran multiple tests and put him on antidepressants, but he was still feeling terrible. This was in addition to statins and the many other prescriptions he was taking.

I ran additional blood tests which revealed a “normal” testosterone of just above 400 but below the optimal levels of 550. His cholesterol was “normal” at 128 but well below optimal range of 150-200!

After putting him on a personalized nutrition program, he made a dramatic recovery and he was soon back to feeling good again.  His doctor was even able to take him off antidepressants and some of his other medications.

So what are the solutions to low testosterone?  You don’t necessarily need to do injections, patches or slather gel all over you.  Often times, testosterone levels can be raised with natural treatment.

Our natural testosterone support protocol includes:

1. Complete lab testing to measure testosterone and other hormones, and to identify what other factors may be involved, such as adrenal and  thyroid dysfunction, vitamin deficiencies, etc.

2. The FreeDiet™ which includes  plenty of good quality proteins, essential fats, vegetables and some fruit, and avoids soy, sugar and grains.

3.  A customized nutritional program to ensure you’re getting the proper vitamins and minerals.  The most common deficiencies we see with low testosterone are zinc, magnesium and vitamin D.

4.  Herbal remedies for testosterone support.  Adrenal and thyroid support if needed by including DHEA,  adaptogenic herbs and glandulars.

5.  Stress reduction and getting plenty of sleep is very helpful as well.  Remember, high cortisol can lower testosterone.

6.  Exercise, including high-intensity interval training (HIIT) and weightlifting are both extremely important for optimizing testosterone.  Be aware that over-training, too much or the wrong types of exercise, can have the opposite effect and lower testosterone.

7.  And lastly, avoid xenoestrogens which are chemicals that have estrogen like effects. Some of the ways you can avoid these endocrine disruptors are by:

-storing your food in glass containers instead of plastic, avoid using plastic in the microwave, avoid most non-stick pans.

-use natural cleaning products in your home and natural personal care products such as shampoo, sunscreen, toothpaste, and lotions.

-avoid artificial food additives and eat organic produce, dairy and meats whenever possible.

If  you or a family member has any of the above symptoms and would like to have your hormones checked, email us at  or call us  at 561-627-5800.  We would be happy to help you get treatment for low testosterone levels in Palm Beach FL.

Yours for Optimal Health,

Dr. Tom Rofrano



Improve Energy & Brain Function with Iron

Having the proper iron level is so vital to your health and energy!

Neurological symptoms of low iron include:

  • lack of concentration
  • fatigue
  • irritability
  • mood swings
  • depression
  • anxiety
  • dizziness
  • foggy thinking
  • headaches
  • slowed growth & development
  • behavioral problems in children

Other symptoms of low iron include:

  • weakness
  • restless legs
  • coldness in hands and feet
  • low sex drive
  • pale skin
  • arrythmias
  • chest pain
  • heart murmur
  • enlarged heart
  • shortness of breath
  • hair loss

Recently, I saw a 10-year-old girl who was diagnosed with ADHD. Her symptoms were irritability, impulsiveness, mood swings, anger, hyperactivity, restlessness, headaches and sometimes fatigue.

She had seen her pediatrician and a psychiatrist.  Apparently, her blood tests were “normal” and she was prescribed ADHD medication as well as counseling.

The first thing I did was order more complete lab testing including Ferritin (stored iron). As it turns out, her level was 19 ng/ml, which was within the lab normal range 10-143 but way below optimal levels of 70-120.  You can have many symptoms as Ferritin levels drop below 50.

After putting her on a personalized nutrition program which included our  iron supplement, just six weeks later her symptoms were gone and she had been able to go off her ADHD medication.

It’s important to note that, taking iron is not the answer for everything, and you can actually have too much iron which can cause a whole host of other problems. So I would not recommend just taking iron without first getting a blood test to see if and how much you need.

You want to have your Ferritin level checked, which measures how much iron is stored in your body. This is the most accurate measure of whether you have optimal iron levels.

Another patient I saw, a woman in her early 40’s, was experiencing hair loss and low energy.  And if you are a female with hair loss, you know that depression and anxiety about this can soon follow.

Her doctor couldn’t find anything wrong and prescribed Rogaine.  She did not want to take this or any other medication so she came in for a more holistic approach.  After thorough lab testing, we found that her Ferritin level was only 10.  Again, within her “normal” lab ranges of 10-232 but way below optimal levels of 50-80.

I put her on a comprehensive, personalized nutrition program which included the FreeDiet™ and our iron supplement and within two months, no more hair loss and she was feeling great!

Be aware, many iron supplements on the market are not well absorbed, can cause stomach irritation & constipation, and contain aluminum dyes.

I have found a highly absorbable, non-constipating iron that is well tolerated by most everyone; and the cost is just pennies a day. Click here to take a look.

So, make sure you have the proper iron levels; a simple solution for more energy and better brain function!

If you have any questions or would like your or a family member’s Ferritin level checked, email us at  or call us  at 561-627-5800. We would be happy to help.

Yours for Vibrant Health,

Dr. Tom Rofrano


Natural Treatment for Vertigo & Dizziness

Do you or someone you know suffer from dizziness or vertigo?

While vertigo and dizziness have many causes including inner ear disorders, BPPV (Benign Paroxysmal Positional Vertigo), migraines, head trauma, and other conditions, one often overlooked cause is called cervical (neck) vertigo.

It is estimated that up to 58% of patients who sustain closed head injuries or whiplash experience late onset symptoms of vertigo or dizziness.  This can include headaches, tinnitus, feeling lightheaded or off balance, nausea and vomiting.

Often, with cervical vertigo the symptoms are associated with neck movement.  There are many causes of cervical vertigo, including disc herniations, cord compression, abnormal sensory input from neck proprioceptors, and spinal joint dysfunction.

At the Natural Medicine Clinic, we have seen many patients with vertigo and dizziness over the years that we have been able to help.  Soft tissue techniques to the neck muscles as well as gentle instrument assisted spinal adjustments have usually resulted in complete resolution of the symptoms, allowing them to return to their normal daily activities.

Yours for Optimal Health,

Dr. Tom

Natural Solutions for Anxiety

Treat Anxiety NaturallyLife seems like it is getting more and more overwhelming these days.  We often hear  how stressed out people are on a daily basis, frequently using terms like “anxious,” “irritable” and “depressed.”

Because these  conditions are more prevalent nowadays, we see a lot more use of  meds like Xanax and Klonopin, while  antidepressants, such as Paxil and Zoloft have become the most prescribed class of drugs for 18-44 year-olds.

Yes, because of all the stress and overwhelm, the drug companies saw a need to serve us some more pills for the proverbial “quick fix”.

If you’re reading about this because you don’t want to have to depend on popping a pill to feel better when those stressful days get you down,  you’re in luck.

Natural treatments for anxiety and depression can take on a few different forms, as our mood is comprised of a number of different contributing factors, starting with what we eat.

Just like we need food for energy, we also need it for a calm, stable, and clear state of mind.

If we don’t give our body what it needs, we can become deprived of the nutrients required to help us stay alert, rational, and healthy (both mentally and physically).

For instance, we often see patients that,  after testing, we discover are deficient in iron or vitamin B12, which  can have many negative mental and physical symptoms.

Magnesium is another crucial nutrient that many of us are deprived of.  Mg can help us stay calm and clear-headed, relieve tension,  even helping us sleep better.

Food sensitivities and /or allergies  are also  a known contributor to anxiety and depression.

Even though other parts of your body may not be giving you symptoms of a sensitivity or intolerance to food, these “toxins” can get into your blood stream and interfere with brain function.

This can  cause brain fog, fatigue, and higher levels of stress.

Having an intolerance to gluten in particular can have enormous adverse affects on your body and mind,  including depression, anxiety, irritability, attention deficit, headaches, and exhaustion.

We have tested many patients, both young and old,  for gluten intolerance and they have made dramatic improvements in their health with the proper diet.

Sleep also plays a a big part in our mental state.  Without enough rest, we’re susceptible to distraction, exhaustion, depression and anxiety.

Getting enough sleep makes it  easier to focus on the  positives and the tasks at hand, rather than the negative things going on around us.

Getting out for some fresh air and exercise can be vital for our emotional health.  Exercise is know as the “great anti depressant.”

Think you don’t have time, just get outside and take a walk for starters. Come on, we live in beautiful, sunny Florida!

From the structural side, people with higher levels of anxiety, stress and depression typically have more muscle tension, especially in their head and neck, shoulders and back.

Getting a proper chiropractic adjustment along with  muscle treatment can relieve the tension and stress, improve sleep, and help to balance the body.

So, before resorting to a pill  to temporarily fix the overwhelming day, think about approaching it with the simple things our bodies need:  proper nutrition, rest, exercise, and structural health.


Yours for optimal health,

Dr. Tom Rofrano

Simple Solutions to More Energy!

more-energyWe hear so often how exhausted people are because of stress, tension, their busy schedules, etc.  However, instead of looking at the issue from the outside in (i.e., you have a crazy schedule, that’s why you’re tired), we approach it from the inside out, looking for the root cause of all that fatigue.  When we’re helping someone with low energy levels, we often start with lab testing, approaching it from two different perspectives.

First, from a standard medical perspective, to rule out illness or disease, and second, from a holistic and nutritional approach, to make sure everything is balanced.  We find that many people have some sort of deficiency in either iron, B12, or vitamin D.  These levels are typically not tested for in most medical practices, but can be a major cause of low energy levels, along with many other symptoms.  When these or other deficiencies are found, we are able to cater nutritional information and supplements towards restoring one’s energy levels.

Another common finding that we come across is low thyroid or adrenal function.  Based on lab results, we’re able to make individualized recommendations that can help support normal thyroid and /or adrenal function, thus helping improve energy levels.

A third common cause of low energy is digestive issues or food sensitivities, which can lead to malabsorption and a multitude of other symptoms.  By recommending the proper diet and supplements, energy can be restored and an array of other health issues can often be cleared up.

So if you’re not feeling great, make sure you get some lab testing to make sure everything is ok. If you would like us to review any testing you’ve had done, or order new testing, just stop by or give us a call.  We’d be happy to help.

Dr Tom Rofrano

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