more-energyWe hear so often how exhausted people are because of stress, tension, their busy schedules, etc.  However, instead of looking at the issue from the outside in (i.e., you have a crazy schedule, that’s why you’re tired), we approach it from the inside out, looking for the root cause of all that fatigue.  When we’re helping someone with low energy levels, we often start with lab testing, approaching it from two different perspectives.

First, from a standard medical perspective, to rule out illness or disease, and second, from a holistic and nutritional approach, to make sure everything is balanced.  We find that many people have some sort of deficiency in either iron, B12, or vitamin D.  These levels are typically not tested for in most medical practices, but can be a major cause of low energy levels, along with many other symptoms.  When these or other deficiencies are found, we are able to cater nutritional information and supplements towards restoring one’s energy levels.

Another common finding that we come across is low thyroid or adrenal function.  Based on lab results, we’re able to make individualized recommendations that can help support normal thyroid and /or adrenal function, thus helping improve energy levels.

A third common cause of low energy is digestive issues or food sensitivities, which can lead to malabsorption and a multitude of other symptoms.  By recommending the proper diet and supplements, energy can be restored and an array of other health issues can often be cleared up.

So if you’re not feeling great, make sure you get some lab testing to make sure everything is ok. If you would like us to review any testing you’ve had done, or order new testing, just stop by or give us a call.  We’d be happy to help.

Dr Tom Rofrano

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