My name is Dr. Tom Rofrano from the Natural Medicine Clinic in Palm Beach Gardens, Florida. And today I’m going to talk to you about thyroid Hashimoto’s- the worst case I ever saw. You see, I’ve been practicing for over 30 years now with chiropractic, functional medicine, and nutrition. And a lot of patients come in with thyroid issues, autoimmune, nodules- it’s one of the more common things that patients come in with. It may have something to do with  the fact I also had Hashimoto’s over ten years ago and after a lot of investigation and figuring out, I was able to figure out what was causing it and actually heal myself.

The Craziest Symptoms

So in the process, I just learned how to apply that with other patients. This one particular patient came in over ten years ago and she had the craziest symptoms. She had stinging- all these stinging and numbing, shooting pain like pin prick pains all over her body that wake her up at night, fatigue, brain fog, digestive issues, she had constipation. and I mean, severe constipation, thinning hair, dry skin, aches and pains, she had high cholesterol. Her doctors wanted to put her on statin drugs – and actually low thyroid can cause all of these things including high cholesterol, insomnia, anxiety. With all this stuff, she wasn’t sleeping. She couldn’t think straight.

Different Doctors

So she have been to a number of different doctors. They prescribed you know, the big dinosaurs. No idea what caused it, and prescribed her with this powerful nerve drug. She took it once and ended up in the emergency room. I mean, it just wasn’t good. So in the- in the process- so I did complete the initial evaluation, found out she had Hashimoto’s.

The antibodies were over five thousand so really under normal, a hundred- below hundreds, so her thyroid antibodies were over around 5500 and the other antibodies were almost 300, and, depending on the lab, value that should be under 50. But anyway, over 5000 antibodies were on- so I sent her to an endocrinologist at the time and she prescribed medication and it continued to get worse. You know, your thyroid will continue to deteriorate, maybe go high-low, you develop nodules, goiter maybe. And it didn’t paint a very rosy picture. She was really frustrated and still feeling terrible.

Right After My Diagnosis

I mean, so around this time, I also coincidentally had found out I had a Hashimoto’s a little before that. So I was doing a lot of research and investigating and figuring out what caused it. I couldn’t take for an answer, like the endocrinologist told me that, there’s nothing you can do about yourself. You take synthroid the rest of your life. So in the process, I realized that chronic health conditions, whether you have an autoimmune condition, whether it’s Hashimoto’s- which is autoimmune thyroid- any really chronic health condition is caused by three main things: physical, mental, and chemical stress.

So as far as physical stress goes, she did have a lot of neck issues that we were helping her with. As far as mental stress, after testing, she did have adrenal dysfunction, adrenal fatigue. So that was part of it. You know, chemical stress- so that- after doing analysis lab work, figuring out what was going on, it basically breaks down into four main parts. Under chemical stress, you know, so the first is deficiencies.

Autoimmune Conditions

So autoimmune conditions, there’s an underlying thing, whether you have rheumatoid arthritis, MS, diabetes type 1- I mean, lupus, you know, Hashimoto’s, your body is attacking itself. So whatever body part that is, or just thyroid joints- whatever- nerves. So but why is your body attacking itself? You know, I don’t take it that it’s just a deficiency  of these other drugs they want to just keep giving you and not giving you an answer. So it’s finding out well, what is it that the body is fighting of.  If you’re deficient in certain things, you know, your body isn’t functioning properly.

Deficiencies and Toxins

Like for instance, this patient was deficient in vitamin D, magnesium, b12, iron and iodine. So take iodine for- if you’re deficient in iodine, then that affects your thyroid. You need iodine to make thyroid hormone and if you’re deficient in iodine that can cause nodules and goiter. And you shouldn’t just go and take iodine if you haven’t tested for it because it can also be too high. That can cause more harm than good but in her case, she was deficient in that- again, along with iron, b12, magnesium. So all these things are very important in getting your body to function at a normal level- your immune system because that’s really what’s going on with autoimmune. Your immune system’s gone haywire. So that’s number, one deficiencies. Two, toxins. So she was high in lead and mercury and both of those are actually nerve toxins. They affect your brain, nervous system, among many other things.

Pathogens and Food Sensitivities

This peripheral neuropathy that she was having now is part of the equation in addition to the deficiencies. Pathogens- so pathogens are extremely important and from my experience, almost always involved with autoimmune conditions. She had really high levels of yeast. She had multiple parasites. And she had bacterial overgrowth. Now all of this can cause leaky gut, which then increases the amount of food reactions.

Which leads to the fourth thing, under chemical stress. Our food sensitivities, food reactions, food allergies and in her case, she was sensitive to gluten, yeast, sugar, legumes, dairy, eggs and some others. Now if you’re eating- and if you’re eating foods you’re reacting to, gluten for instance, and that’s an issue, then your body’s fighting this off and attacking. Your immune system sees it as a foreign invader and then in the case of Hashimoto’s, can actually start attacking the thyroid while it’s, you know, trying to- while it’s attacking its gluten molecules. So I almost always find that gluten and yeast, you know, involved with Hashimoto’s. So after like- so testing is what we found with her and it was very similar with my case.

Going Beyond Gluten-Free – The Free Diet

So what I did for my for myself and many other patients since is, you know, I realize that gluten-free diets just didn’t work because you’re eating all these other gluten-free products with, you know, rice and you know, rice flour and you know, there could be a corn- you know, corn flour and all these other. Eating gluten-free donuts and gluten-free cakes and cookies – it just doesn’t work. So what I thought is a diet that did work.

It is a diet that’s not only free of gluten but free of gluten grains, sugar, yeast, soy, dairy, eggs, legumes and so on. And for phase one because you’re eliminating those most common foods that are most responsible for a digestive and other chronic health issues and allows your body to heal, calm the inflammation and actually get better. And it’s called the Free Diet- that’s what I followed, and what this patient is talking about.

Functional and Free Program

So after doing all this testing and putting you through our treatment plan, which in a sense, evolved- which I call our functional and free program because it really is designed to discover your underlying root causes and provide long term permanent solutions. Over time of following this, it was an involved process because we had the food reactions. We had the pathogens, you know, yeast, multiple parasites, bacterial overgrowth, heavy metals. But over time, she started to get better. Something started to go away. I mean at one point, she had constipation so badly, she did not have a bowel movement for two weeks- like none, zero for two weeks. Like where is this stuff going?

And then, so she’s coming in. We’re doing all kinds of things that finally she started going. Her endocrinologist refused to give her anything but synthroid. So I said ask her again to get you on a  thyroid which is natural t3- and oh, it’s natural t4 with t3 because a lot of people can’t convert  and that can cause a lot of symptoms like constipation, etc. So she finally did and that, you know, that was a trait. As far as the constipation goes, that cleared up. I mean, she goes every day. So that’s important too.

The Right Medications Matter

If you need medications, then get on the right one. Speaking of deficiencies, in our case, the t3 was still really low. So after all of this began to die, the supplements, you know, gone to our seven stuff process. You know, the antibody started to come down. They were, again, over 5000- came down initially to- came down to like 4400. And then when we put everything together, like we started doing well one thing at a time. Just came down around well, a thousand points which is pretty good.

And that was in two years’ time but then in the- over the next two years, after doing all of this, it went from 4400 to 114. You know, from over 4000 to around 100- so like normal levels in two years. So it was amazing to see that transformation and she was feeling great. Her symptoms had cleared up. All her labs along with her symptoms- stinging, all that stuff, aches and pains. The cholesterol was- went down to normal. So all of our issues had cleared up and it’s just so encouraging.

Even a very severe case like that to know that whatever it is that is going on with you, in most cases, you can get better. It’s just a matter of really committing, getting in there and finding out, what’s causing this? Getting to the root cause and then being provided with some long-term, permanent solutions so that you can get better. So I wanted to share that story with you today and thanks so much for joining me. If you would like a copy of the Free Diet, just click on the link. You know, if you know anyone that would benefit from this, feel free to share it and again, I appreciate you spending time with me today, and we will see you next time. Take care.

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