Did you know that most people with knee pain involving a torn meniscus can recover without surgery?
A recent study in the New England Journal of Medicine(March 2013) demonstrated that treatment with physical therapy can be just as effective as surgery.  Researchers divided 351 adults with torn meniscus into 2 groups; surgery right away, or physical therapy only.

They were surprised to find out that after 6 months, the level of functional improvement and pain scores were the same in both groups.  So while some with severe tears need surgery, most can improve with a conservative treatment program.  We have seen similar results here at the Natural Medicine Clinic.

We’ve treated hundreds of patients with knee injuries, many involving a torn meniscus, that recover fully without needing surgery.  Some patients even come in on crutches with their knee swollen and locking.

Our holistic treatment program includes:

1. Using a cold laser to reduce pain and inflammation, and enhance microcirculation to promote healing.

2.  Active Release Techniques to reduce pain producing myofascial trigger points, adhesions and fibrous tissue, and to restore muscular balance.

3.  Chiropractic adjustments to the joints to restore normal joint function and movement.

4.  Physical therapy functional training exercises to improve strength, flexibility and balance.

5.  Nutritional supplementation to help support recovery.

We have found this program to be very effective in the non-surgical treatment and healing of meniscal tears, knee pain and injuries.

Yours for optimal health,
Dr. Tom Rofrano

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