steakA simple blood test can save your life! (or vastly improve your health)

It’s amazing how much we can learn about your health by properly analyzing a blood test.  Numerous conditions can show up, infections, deficiencies, and even allergies, just by ordering the proper blood test.

One of the most important readings in your blood test is your ferritin level.  Ferritin indicates the amount of iron stored in your body’s organs and tissues.  Unfortunately , this is not  checked on routine blood tests; and just because someone is  not anemic, does not mean they have normal iron levels.  “Normal” ferritin levels vary between different labs, but it can be a range of  10-300 ng/ml. However, my range for optimal ferritin levels is 60-90 ng/ml.

So, why is this so important? Well, iron is essential to your health, but too little of it can lead to many different health issues and too much of it can be toxic, causing organ damage and a long list of symptoms, even death. When you have too little iron in your system, it can cause things like body aches, fatigue, weakness, heart palpitations,  low sex drive,  irritability, restless leg syndrome, high blood pressure, depression and anxiety, headaches, hair loss, mood swings, dizziness, forgetfulness, and trouble concentrating.

On the flips side, when you have too much iron in your system, referred to as “Hemochromatosis”, it can cause…  many of the exact same symptoms as too little iron.  The biggest difference is that if you don’t treat the high iron, then over time it can cause organ damage and eventually lead to things like cirrhosis of the liver,  heart failure, and even death.   Ferritin is something that we commonly include in the lab profiles we order for our patients.  If you haven’t had your levels checked, I would suggest you do.

If you have any questions, please give us a call, email, or stop in and see us. We would be happy to help.

Dr. Tom Rofrano

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One Response to A Simple Ferritin Blood Test (that can save your life!)

  1. Angelina says:

    Great Article! I was recently diagnosed with hemochromatosis and my medical doctor told me not worry about it. Once I took it on myself and studied up on it, my life changed completely. I didn’t realize how sick something like that can make someone!
    thanks so much for the post and helping people see how important this topic is.


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