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Blastocystis Hominis Parasite Natural Treatment Resolves Hashimoto’s Autoimmune Thyroid and IBS

Blastocystis Hominis Parasite

Can clearing up the parasite Blastocystis Hominis parasite fix your IBS and Hashimoto’s autoimmune thyroid condition? Does Blastocystis Hominis go away by itself? I’m going to talk about how I was able to help a recent patient that was dealing with these issues. 

My name is Dr. Tom Rofrano from the Natural Medicine Clinic in Palm Beach Gardens, Florida. I’ve had the opportunity to see over 100,000 patient visits over the last 36 years, many of whom have thyroid issues. I had a recent patient in his early 30s who had stomach issues his whole life: gas, bloating, diarrhea, constipation, and belching; all typical IBS symptoms. On top of that, he had fatigue, brain fog, high blood pressure, and was overweight. He was feeling miserable.

Searching for Root Causes

I ran comprehensive lab tests. The five main areas I check for include deficiencies, toxins, infections, food reactions, and hormonal imbalance. He had findings in all those areas. One result that stood out was a parasite called Blastocystis Hominis, which is a microscopic protozoan/amoeba parasite that can wreak havoc on the body. 

Blastocystis Hominis Natural Treatment

This result was very familiar to me because years ago, I had Blastocystis as well as Hashimoto’s during my health struggles. It took me quite a long time to figure out how to get rid of it, but I did. I developed a protocol including diet and supplements. As I worked on the Blastocystis Hominis treatment, my Hashimoto’s cleared up, my IBS improved, and all the other health problems I was dealing with got better. 

Since I had so much success personally and with many other patients, I was excited to help this patient with a Blastocystis Hominis natural treatment. The first step we took to treat the parasite was to follow a very specific gluten-free diet, as this patient was gluten sensitive. However, I have found that a gluten-free diet by itself just doesn’t work because you’re still eating grains—rice, corn, gluten-free pasta, and bread. 

Enter The FreeDiet®

These parasites thrive on sugar and carbs. I developed a diet called The FreeDiet® because it is free of gluten, grains, sugar, yeast, dairy, eggs, soy, legumes, nightshades, and processed foods. All those foods are most commonly responsible for inflammation, gut, thyroid, and other chronic health issues. I put this patient on The FreeDiet®, and, to summarize, he had a smoothie for breakfast and lunch, and for dinner, he could choose from chicken, fish, meat, vegetables, and plenty of healthy fats.  

The FreeDiet® book goes over the diet in more detail, and you can go here for your complimentary copy of The FreeDiet® phase one food chart.

Supplements for Blastocystis Hominis

As far as the supplement protocol for our Blastocystis Hominis treatment, I started with a group of supplements I call the Blasto Pack™ that includes a specific probiotic with saccharomyces boulardii, Microb-Balance™, Yeast Defeat™, NAC, and vitamin C with bioflavonoids. The Blasto Pack™ details page contains the exact protocol. 

Then I added in the Functional Five™, which includes ActivMulti™, OmegaSorb™3X fish oil, D3 5000 +K2, Magnesium Malate, and the probiotic that’s included in the Blasto Pack. The FreeDiet® Super Smoothie is important in the morning because you’re clearing your body out as the parasite is dying off, and the smoothie contains essential fats, fiber, fruits and vegetables, and protein to help nourish and cleanse your system. 

Seeing Success with the Blastocystis Hominis Natural Treatment

In just over three months, we repeated the lab test, and the Blastocystis Hominis parasite was gone. This was exciting to see because I’ve been able to help a lot of people with this, but it took me over 10 years to get rid of it myself through trial and error, and once I developed the proper protocol, it took just a matter of a few months for me to get rid of the Blasto. I was excited to see the lab results, and his symptoms cleared up – abdominal pain, bloating, gas, constipation, diarrhea, brain fog, and fatigue

On top of that, he lost 38 pounds over six months. His blood pressure dropped 36 points into the normal range. Many of his blood markers that were off also improved, and in three months, his Hashimoto’s thyroid antibodies decreased 90 percent to normal, and his ANA autoimmune marker decreased to normal. 

Work With Us

The body has an amazing ability to heal itself. If you’re provided with the underlying root causes and the corresponding solutions, I believe almost everyone can get better. If you are struggling with health issues and would like our help, call us at 561-627-5800 or email us at We would love to help you experience vibrant health.

What is the Best Diet for Thyroid Health?

diet help heal thyroid

Did you know that diet can help heal your thyroid? I have been in practice for over 30 years and have seen over 100,000 patient visits. Many of those patients come in with thyroid issues—hypothyroidism, thyroid nodules, and autoimmune conditions like Hashimoto’s or Grave’s disease. 

In my years of practice, I have seen a common thread between patients with thyroid disease, autoimmune disorders, and chronic health conditions such as fatigue, pain, headaches, anxiety, and depression. That one common thread among them is digestive issues. I want to let you know how the two are related and how you can use your diet to improve your thyroid issues, become healthier and start feeling better.

Causes of Thyroid Conditions

There are several main causes of thyroid conditions and nodules that some doctors often miss. These include deficiencies, toxins, infections (bacteria, parasites, yeast, viruses), hormonal imbalance, and food reactions. Sometimes food sensitivities alone can affect the thyroid, but it is usually more than just one thing. This is often the case with chronic health issues and autoimmune health conditions as there are multiple root causes and often linked to food reactions and gut issues.

Using The FreeDiet® to Help Your Thyroid 

The FreeDiet® is a diet that I have come up with that can help with gut and thyroid, and other chronic health conditions. My wife, Dawn, had a thyroid nodule that was 2.1 centimeters, and within seven weeks the size was down by 50% at her follow-up ultrasound. Within the first two weeks, she started seeing an improvement in size. Dawn was using my FreeDiet® as well as our Natural Medicine Formulas®, including iodine which she was deficient in.

Another patient of mine was a young girl, about seven years of age, with a very large thyroid (or goiter). Typically, the recommendation for a nodule this size is surgery. But the question is, what caused it.

The FreeDiet® is free of gluten, gluten grains, sugar, yeast, dairy, eggs, soy, legumes, nightshades, and processed foods, as these are the foods that cause the most inflammatory issues. When you avoid inflammation, the gut can heal. Also, when the inflammation is calming down, so are the autoimmune conditions, and the thyroid nodules. The FreeDiet® can help the gut heal, improve absorption, eliminate inflammatory food reactions, allow the body to calm down, and allow many chronic symptoms start to fade away.

Finding the Root Cause of Thyroid Problems

When it comes to thyroid issues, there is a root cause, and it is my job to find it. Patients are normal up until a certain point in their life and then suddenly start having issues. These issues can appear out of nowhere. So, what is the cause? In the case with the young patient earlier, she had deficiencies that included vitamin D and iron. These are both commonly related to thyroid issues. 

Other issues she was experiencing were toxins, yeast overgrowth, and unhealthy bacteria and a parasite in her intestine. These are all commonly related to thyroid issues, food sensitivity, and leaky gut. All these issues together resulted in an enlarged thyroid and impacted her health. 

Natural Treatment for Thyroid Conditions 

For some patients, the FreeDiet® and supplements are enough to help with their thyroid issues, including nodules. I have had emails from people telling me the diet has helped them reduce the size of their thyroid by more than 50% within the first few weeks of using it. 

It is important to remember the diet addresses the food sensitivity part of thyroid issues. The diet also helps because if you have yeast, bacteria or parasites in your intestines, they live off the sugar, yeast, and grains you are consuming. By using the FreeDiet®, you minimize their food source and essentially starve the problem.

Leaky Gut and Thyroid

The FreeDiet® also helps with leaky gut. This is because, again, you are eliminating those inflammatory foods that cause you to have the leaky gut problem. If you want to use the diet and get tested for other pathogens, I highly recommend you have a comprehensive stool analysis and blood tests done to determine your deficiencies. These tests can show toxins as well as food sensitivities and allergies. Using the FreeDiet® can help with eliminating the most common foods that cause reactions leading to leaky gut issues and thyroid issues.

I hope you have learned a little more about how your diet and food sensitivities can affect your thyroid and your gut health. If you would like help with this, you can contact us at

If would like a complimentary copy of the FreeDiet phase 1 food chart, click here. To see The FreeDiet book click here. 

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